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I'm still wrapping my head around the data layer and how data persists. If we setup a data variable to be captured in our data layer, will we be able to use that variable in any extension in tealium, or do we need to code it to pass the variable on every page that we want the extension to fire on? 

For example, take an order_id which we generate as soon as someone hits the "checkout button" and pass to our data layer via utag.data. We don't want to send this order_id to our media partners, until someone has actually purchased something (several pages later, after entering credit card, shipping, confirmation, etc.). Given this, do we need to capture the order_id in utag.data on every page after checkout (i.e. credit card page, shipping, confirmation) or can we capture the order_id in utag.data only the first time we generate it (at checkout) and then set an extension in tealium to only pass that order_id to our media partners when they land on the confirmation page? 





Who Me Too'd this topic