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Hi Tealium-Team,

I noticed some days ago, that Tealium iQ gets blocked by the Tracking Protection of Firefox. AFAIK the Tracking Protection (TP) is not activated in Firefox by default (yet), but a lot of companies already distribute Firefox with TP activated. This is a major issue for us, as i.e. we use iQ for Cookie Management (GPDR relevant!) and other stuff that is not related to tracking and needs to be on the webpage.

Therefore I investigated a little bit deeper:

  1. Tracking Protection of Firefox is based on a list from Disconnect [source]
  2. Tealiums whole CDN (tiqcdn.com) is now blacklisted [see github]
  3. This was added on Dec. 8th 2018 [see commit]

We could hardcode all of our (non tracking related) tags into the webpage, but  that would somehow contradict the the Tag Management idea.

Question: What can Tealium do about this? What can we do? How do others handle this issue?

I'd appreciate feedback and I'm also interested to hear, if other customers are affect by this change or experiencing similiar difficulties with other browsers.

Thanks & Best regards,



Who Me Too'd this topic