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I need to add the code for a Live Agent chatbot on the site.  The template for a Live Agent tag does not match with the code I have been given.  Can you suggest the best possible way to add this code?  As a Generic Tealium pixel or a custom container?

Thanks a lot!

<img id="liveagent_button_online_5730n00000001K8" style="display: none; border: 0px none; cursor: pointer" onclick="liveagent.startChat('5730n00000001K8')" src="https://dev3-vmware.cs67.force.com/LiveAgent/resource/1558451145000/Live_Agent_RS2_ORN_Online_Image" /><div id="liveagent_button_offline_5730n00000001K8" style="display: none;"><!-- Offline Chat Content --></div><script type="text/javascript">
if (!window._laq) { window._laq = []; }

window._laq.push(function(){liveagent.showWhenOnline('5730n00000001K8', document.getElementById('liveagent_button_online_5730n00000001K8'));

liveagent.showWhenOffline('5730n00000001K8', document.getElementById('liveagent_button_offline_5730n00000001K8'));


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