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Hi All, 

During the implementation of Enhanced E-commerce (EE) I ran into a very specific situation.
The documentation says that in case of a ec: ''checkout' event this can be tracked on page load using utag_data or utag.view(). Since it is a Single page application I would like to use utag.view(). A colleguea of mine would like to use utag.link to push it on an event. Since the documentation isn't showing this as an option, i'd say this is not possible. 

Is it possible to implement the EE 'checkout' events with a utag.link to track it on event, or is it manditory to track it on (virtual) page load?


""This event is tracked on page load using utag_data or using utag.view() and triggers the ec:addProductand ec:setAction (checkout) command in Google Analytics.""


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