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Hi all, 

I have a big recurrent issue : I click on Save or Save As and I get the message "Unable to save this profile. Please try again later.". This happens randomly even if one hour or few minutes before I was perfectly able to Save the same profile using the same browser.

In my browser console I see the Error: "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" the status of the call to https://my.tealiumiq.com/urest/legacy/saveProfile?utk=<code> is always (failed).

I keep getting this errors even if hours has passed by; the result is that I can't work!

This is what I already tried to do:

  • check iQ systems status: they're all green
  • write to the support multiple times: weren't able to identify the issue source, provide a solution. They also checked if the problem was country related (I'm located in Italy): no issues on their side they say;
  • delete cookies, cache, incognito navigation, switch all browser extensions to OFF;
  • change browser (one without any extension, app);
  • change pc;
  • change Tealium user;
  • change Internet connection;

Is someone experiencing the same issue?
Has someone been able to figure out what causes the problem?
Has someone found a real solution to the problem? (please don't tell me to change browser/pc/ again, if I've been able to publish before there's no reason to change it)

Who Me Too'd this topic