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We have a process whereby users can click to initiate the process of getting a demo or live consultation.  The click initiates a pop-up form that the user fills out and then clicks "submit" in order to become a lead in our system.  We're noticing a lot of people clicking the button to initiate the form but a huge dropoff between that number and those that have submitted.  In the interest of possibly re-designing the form, we'd like to be able to understand how many fields in the form were interacted with (hovered over, tabbed to, had something typed in/selected in them), etc.  I can then build a funnel/waterfall type report to show where exactly within the form people are falling off.  

Is this possible to do within Tealium?  Is there an event listener extension I can utilize in order to have the above info tracked and sent to GA as events in real-time, before a user clicks submit?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.



Who Me Too'd this topic