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Hi all,

we have quite a huge number of eventtrackings using the jquery onhandler extension. It's hard to keep an overview and sometimes html or class names change in the frontend. In that case, we lose the tracking and in worst case we don't even realize until someone needs a report for the respective event.

I wonder if other TiQ users have similar issues. Has anybody set up an automated testing environment?

Things I've already checked:

  • Our web analytics tool has a feature that compares tracking metrics to historical data. In case of bigger differences, it sends an alert. Qute good, but a lot of configuring to do. And we sometimes do have events that aren't fired very often. So I'm rather looking for a tool that checks, if the event selector is still present on the website.
  • Our testing team uses selenium and browserstack for frontend testing. Not sure if this could be of use, except for listing a number of example events that this tool might check. But if e.g. a Button is moved to another location on the website, it would report an error.
  • It would be helpful to be able to export the extension parameters/configuration for testing purposes. Setting up each test manually would be quite a drag.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Any idea is welcome!

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