Digital Velocity 2023 Videos are now On-Demand! 🎉

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Whether you missed the event or want to relive the insightful sessions, this is your chance to gain valuable knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 🎥

A few key takeaways from some of the thought-provoking sessions:

1️⃣ Future Proofing your Data Privacy and Compliance Efforts:

Learn how trust serves as a robust foundation for data capture at every touchpoint. From accepting tracking to personalized communications, creating a seamless experience requires understanding the importance of consent and empowering users to update their preferences.

2️⃣ Putting Healthcare and Consumer Compliance First with a Robust Data Strategy:

Discover how healthcare marketers can navigate the challenges of HIPAA compliance. Uncover insights on leveraging Tealium to futureproof compliance and digital marketing, ensuring data privacy while driving successful campaigns.

3️⃣ The convergence of AI with news, politics, and trusted customer experiences:

Despite the challenges posed by various laws, businesses have an opportunity to redefine their value-based customer relationships and establish trust with customers by transparently explaining how their data is used.

4️⃣ CMO Panel:  

Gain valuable insights from the CMO panel on the importance of genuine customer engagement. Discover how digital tools and first-party data can help you be there for your customers, in the moment, constantly and in real-time. Learn how understanding customer needs through data and digital tools can redefine your marketing strategies.

5️⃣ CTO Panel

Learn from the CTO panel about the significance of data collection as a strategic process. By being thoughtful about data collection from the outset, you can ensure the downstream utilization of data and maintain compliance, instilling trust in your data-driven decision-making.

Visit our website and start exploring the on-demand videos today! 👉 See all of the videos here.

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