Noteworthy Feature Releases – AudienceStream – July 2016

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Criteo (Update)

Criteo’s Site Type is an important factor to consider when retargeting your segments. The previous setup of the Criteo connector required you to statically set the Site Type, whereas the new Criteo connector allows you to either statically set the Site Type, or to use a Trait to dynamically set the Site Type – predetermined based on a set of conditions for the Trait. This makes managing the connector simpler as now 1 action takes the place of what previously required 3 actions.

AS 201607 - Criteo.png

Timeline - Custom Date Enablement (Update)

The purpose of this update to the "Update Timeline" enrichment is to allow users to pick their own date/time to start the timeline. For example, start a Timeline based on the value in "upload_date" Omnichannel data source, and then allow events to be captured based off of dates defined in the "upload_date" field.

AS 201607 - Timeline.png

Metric – Number of Entries in Timeline within Time Range (New)

You can now create a metric to count the number of entries in a timeline, and state to only count those entries within a certain number of days/weeks/months relative to now. For example, count the number of entries in the timeline from 2 months ago up to now.

AS 201607 - Metric.png

Adobe Analytics (Update)

When passing Audience level data to Adobe Analytics events ("Event Value Mapping" and "Custom Event Mapping" section), the events were not collecting in Adobe. This issue has been resolved.

Adobe Experience Manager (New)

We have added the ability to add "Common Data Sources" for AEM via Tealium iQ. This will allow you to map AudienceStream attributes via Data Layer Enrichment for AEM to personalize your website.

AS 201607 - AEM.png

DataAccess (Improvement)

Improvements continue to be made to our DataAccess solutions in regard to performance and scalability. Own your data and have access to it faster than ever!

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"Metric – Number of Entries in Timeline within Time Range (New)"

Is this based on the date stored in the timeline or the date at which the event was processed? For example, if I am storing a date in the timeline from an omnichannel file that was 5 days ago. i.e. today is 7.6.2018 and the date in the omnichannel file I am storing is 7.1.2018. I process this file today so the event is recorded 7.6.2018.

Then I set this number to count the number of entries in a timeline from the last 3 days, will this event be counted because it was processed today or will it not be counted because the date stored is from days ago? 

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@jaredhislop It's based on the date stored in the Timeline. In your example the entry would not be counted since the date stored is greater than 5 days ago.

Full disclosure, I haven't used this enrichement but based on the request notes this is how it should operate.


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Awesome. You are the man!