Release Notes - August 2023

Community Manager
Community Manager

Tealium iQ Tag Management


  • Fixed an issue in Manage Permissions where a leading or trailing whitespace caused an error when creating a group. 
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, clicking the Submit button on the Login Assistance page returned a 500 error and prevented users from resetting their password.
  • Updated the Tealium iQ Tag Management Tags page to include a button in the header that launches the Template Status Checker modal.
  • Resolved a javascript error that prevented the Link Tracking extension from being expanded/viewed.
  • Fixed an issue where a custom environment name more than three letters long was truncated.

Client-Side Tags


Server-Side Connectors

New/Cool Stuff


Consent and Data Privacy

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from deselecting previously selected Environments when editing a Consent Integration.
  • Updated Consent Integrations so you can now click on the confirmation popup to discard changes while exiting halfway through adding a new rule.



  • Updated the GET /users/accounts/{account} endpoint to implement platform permissions. 
    • Only users with Account Admin, User Admin, Privacy Admin, Profile Admin or Global Admin are able to view users associated with an account.
    • Users with Non Admin or Global Admin roles do not have access to the Manage Users menu option or the endpoint.
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