Release Notes - February 2020

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New/Cool Stuff

  • New marketplace connector: Tapjoy Conversion Postbacks (Learn more)
  • New marketplace connector: Xandr Instant Audience Service, Customer-Provided Credentials (BETA). (Learn more)

iQ Tag Management

New/Cool Stuff

  • Applied various performance enhancements to Consent Manager.

Customer Data Hub

New/Cool Stuff

  • New Communications data source: Intercom


New/Cool Stuff

  • Flutter
    • Added support for Tealium remote commands (Learn more)
    • Updated Tealium libraries to Android 5.7.0 and iOS 5.6.6.
  • iOS Swift
    • Updated mobile publish settings to be enabled by defaultin Version 1.9.0. (Learn more)
    • Added the ability to remotely change event batch size for from the iQ Tag Management Publish Settings interface to Version 1.9.0 in order to match functionality in the Tealium iOS (Objective-C) and Tealium Android libraries. (Learn more)
    • Added Swift Package Manager support. (Learn more)
    • Removed the requirement to bundle Swift runtime with applications when using Swift 5.x in order to reduce the size of application bundles.
    • Added Mac Catalyst support for iOS applications enabled to run on macOS Catalina versions 10.15.x.
    • Added lifecycle tracking methods to the public API. (Learn More)
    • Added a list of enabled modules to track each request
    • Optimized the Tealium.update method so that modules are no longer deinitialized and reinitialized when the update method is called to change TealiumConfig settings.
    • Added the "wifi only sending" option to Mobile Push Settings to queue hits when wifi is unavailable.
    • Added a "battery saver" option to Mobile Push Settings to queue hits when a device has less than 20% battery power remaining.
  • React Native
    • Added 1.0.8 support for Tealium remote commands to allow remote commands to be added in a JavaScript file and for the payload to be passed back using a callback function. (Learn More)


  • iOS Swift
    • Updated version number to to 1.9.1 to correct an issue with the Carthage dependency manager.
    • Removed support for older versions of Swift and instructed users to use Tealium Swift 1.8.2 if they are unable to use Swift 5.x.
    • Removed Objective-C dependency required for Swift Package Manager support, which also corrects issue related to import of bridging headers.
    • To avoid compiler warnings, the setters and getters on the TealiumConfig class are now deprecated and properties are used instead.
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