Supercharge Your Marketing & Advertising with LinkedIn's Conversions API

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In the ever-evolving world of business, putting customers first is key. Thriving businesses use data to deliver precisely targeted messages. As data utilization evolves, a solid data strategy is vital. Enter Tealium's latest game-changer: the LinkedIn Conversions API connector. This new connection creates a direct link between your server's advertising data and LinkedIn, redefining how advertisers assess their media campaign performance.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Reclaim First-Party Data: Control what data you share with LinkedIn, adding custom value scores for conversion journey steps.
  • Full-Funnel Visibility: Access CRM, offline conversion, and lower-funnel data.
  • Strengthened Performance and Privacy: Enhance conversion tracking reliability while respecting data privacy regulations.
  • Improved Conversion Measurement & Targeting: Adapt to evolving data privacy rules and capture missed conversions.
  • Boost Return-on-Ad-Spend (RoAS): Identify where customers are in their journey for better campaign results.

Tealium's LinkedIn Conversions API connector complements our existing tools like LinkedIn Insight Tag and Matched Audiences. To get started, rely on our "white-glove" services, backed by an experienced in-house team.

Join us in revolutionizing your marketing and advertising! Contact us at for more information or to request a demo.

You can also checkout the setup guide here.

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