This article describes how to set up the Google Ads Conversion Tracking & Remarketing (gtag.js) tag (formerly AdWords) in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

In this article:

Tag Tips

  • Supports the E-Commerce extension for:
    • Subtotal/Conversion Value
    • Order Currency/Conversion Currency
    • Order ID/Transaction ID
    • List of Product IDs
    • List of Categories
    • List of Quantities
    • List of Prices
  • Use mapping to dynamically override the standard config values and the E-Commerce extension values.
  • Pass custom conversion variables by mapping to "Custom Conversion Variable" and replacing "myvar" with your custom variable name.
  • Google Ads documentation:

Tag Configuration

First, add the Google Ads Conversion Tracking & Remarketing (gtag.js) tag (Learn more about how to add a tag).

After adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Conversion ID: Unique ID for the conversion. You can find this ID in your Google Ads control panel (e.g. AW-123456789).
    Use mapping to dynamically override this value.
    Use a comma-separated list to send data for multiple properties.
  • Conversion Label: Set a default label here and use mapping to dynamically override this value.
    Use a comma-separated list to send data for multiple labels. This list can use a matching number of Conversion Labels as Conversion IDs or use a single label for all Conversion IDs.
  • Conversion Value: Set a default value here or leave this blank to use the Subtotal value from the E-Commerce extension.
    Use mapping to dynamically override this value and the E-Commerce extension value.
  • Global Object: This is the name of the Global Object used for the event queue, if not specified "gtag" is used.
    This is not required for most implementations.
  • Data Layer Name: By default, the data layer initiated and referenced by the global site tag is named dataLayer. Rename the data layer only if your project requires a separate name.
  • Enable Remarketing: When Remarketing is enabled, this tag will automatically pull in data from the E-Commerce Extension to populate the Google Ads "Retail" parameters (prefix "ecomm_").
    Mapping directly to the "Retail" tab in the toolbox will override the data pulled in via the E-Commerce Extension.
  • Page Type: Select a default page type here and use mapping to dynamically override this value.
  • Cross-Tracking Domains: A comma-separated list of domains to use with Cross-Domain Tracking (setAllowLinker).
    This should be the top level domain (e.g. "").

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see Data Mappings.

The available categories are:


Variable Description
Conversion ID (conversion_id)
Conversion Label (conversion_label)
Conversion Value (conversion_value)
Conversion Currency (conversion_currency)
Page Type (pagetype)
Merchant Center ID (aw_merchant_id)
Feed Country (aw_feed_country)
Feed Language (aw_feed_language)
Send Page View (config.send_page_view) [Boolean]
Conversion Cookie Prefix (conversion_cookie_prefix)
Custom Conversion Variable (custom.myvar)


Variable Description
ecomm.prodid (ecomm.prodid) (Overrides _cprod)
ecomm.totalvalue (ecomm.totalvalue)
ecomm.category (ecomm.category) (Overrides _ccat)
ecomm.pvalue (ecomm.pvalue) (Overrides _cprice)
ecomm.quantity (ecomm.quantity) (Overrides _cquan)


Variable Description (
edu.plocid (edu.plocid)


Variable Description
flight.originid (flight.originid)
flight.destid (flight.destid)
flight.totalvalue (flight.totalvalue)
flight.startdate (flight.startdate)
flight.enddate (flight.enddate)

Hotel and Rentals

Variable Description (
hrental.startdate (hrental.startdate)
hrental.enddate (hrental.enddate)
hrental.totalvalue (hrental.totalvalue)


Variable Description (
job.locid (job.locid)
job.totalvalue (job.totalvalue)


Variable Description (
local.totalvalue (local.totalvalue)

Real Estate

Variable Description (
listing.totalvalue (listing.totalvalue)


Variable Description
travel.destid (travel.destid)
travel.originid (travel.originid)
travel.startdate (travel.startdate)
travel.enddate (travel.enddate)
travel.totalvalue (travel.totalvalue)


Variable Description
dynx.itemid (dynx.itemid)
dynx.itemid2 (dynx.itemid2)
dynx.totalvalue (dynx.totalvalue)


Variable Description
Recommended Product IDs (custom.ecomm_rec_prodid)
Visitor's Age (custom.a)
Visitor's Gender (custom.g)
Visitor Has Account (custom.hasaccount)
Customer Quality Score (custom.cqs)
Repeat Purchaser (custom.rp)
Visitor Loyalty Score (
Visitor High Spender Score (custom.hs)
Custom (custom.myvar)

Phone Conversion

Variable Description
Phone Conversion Number (config.phone_conversion_number)
Phone Conversion Callback (config.phone_conversion_callback) [Function]
Phone Conversion CSS Class Name (config.phone_conversion_css_class) [String]
Phone Conversion Timeout (config.phone_conversion_options.timeout) [Number]
Phone Conversion Cache (config.phone_conversion_options.cache) [Boolean]


Variable Description
Order ID (order_id) (Overrides _corder)
Sub Total (order_subtotal) (Overrides _csubtotal)
Currency (order_currency) (Overrides _ccurrency)
List of Product IDs (product_id) (Overrides _cprod) [Array]
List of Categories (product_category) (Overrides _ccat) [Array]
List of Quantities (product_quantity) (Overrides _cquan) [Array]
List of Prices (product_unit_price) (Overrides _cprice) [Array]
List of Discounts (product_discount) (Overrides _cdisc) [Array]