You've followed our guide on Webtrends Tag: Basic Configuration and enabled the YouTube plug-in for Webtrends, but you aren't seeing any video tracking calls. 


If you are embedding the YouTube iframe player on your site then you also need to insert the YouTube iframe API. This is a JavaScript library hosted by YouTube that must be loaded into the page. The video tracking must also be activated with the  enablejsapi parameter on your video URLs.

Enabling the API

To enable the YouTube player to be controlled by the API:

  1. Append this key/value parameter to your video URLs: &enablejsapi=1

See more examples from YouTube.

Loading the Iframe API

To load the YouTube Iframe API:

  1. Add the Tealium Generic Tag and drag it above the WebTrends tag to ensure it fires first.
  2. In Advanced Settings, set the Custom Script Source to //


The WebTrends tag handles the rest of the YouTube video tracking functionality. From the Network panel of your browser console you can see the Webtrends video calls firing:

Debug your calls using 'ObservePoint' for Chrome