Adobe Analytics has the ability to track Application Lifecycle events. The Tealium mobile libraries each have an optional module available to support this feature, which automatically generates the required data for Adobe Analytics.

In the Tealium iQ Adobe AppMeasurement tag, the following variables are mapped by the tag template if the check box to turn on automatic mapping is selected.

In the EventStream connector, ensure that you are using the latest connector with the "Send Analytics Event" action, otherwise you will need to manually add the mappings listed in the following table.

The following table provides a list of Tealium variables by event attribute name and the corresponding Adobe variable name for mapping Customer Data Hub ContextData. For each item, a description, data type, and example is provided.

Tealium Variable/ Event Attribute Name Adobe Variable Name (Customer Data Hub ContextData mapping name) Description Data Type Example
lifecycle_diddetect_crash a.CrashEvent Was a crash detected during this launch/wake event. Populated only if true. Boolean true
lifecycle_dayofweek_local a.DayOfWeek Local day of week that call was made - 1=Sunday, 2=Monday, etc.) Number 13
lifecycle_dayssincelaunch a.DaysSinceFirstUse Days since first launch in integer increments Number 23
lifecycle_dayssinceupdate a.DaysSinceLastUpgrade Days since the last detected app version update in integer increments Number 46
lifecycle_dayssincelastwake a.DaysSinceLastUse Days since last detected wake in integer increments Number 1
lifecycle_firstlaunchdate_MMDDYYYY a.InstallDate GMT Timestamp formatted as MM/DD/YYYY String 01/18/2012
lifecycle_hourofday_local a.HourOfDay Local hour of day that call was made (24 hour format) String true
lifecycle_isfirstlaunch a.InstallEvent Only present if call is very first launch/wake call String true
lifecycle_isfirstlaunchupdate a.UpgradeEvent Only present if call is first launch/wake after a detected updated Boolean true
lifecycle_isfirstwakemonth a.MonthlyEngUserEvent Only present if call is first launch/wake of the month Boolean true
lifecycle_priorsecondsawake a.PrevSessionLength Whole seconds app was awake since last launch only. Aggregates total from all wakes prior. Sent only with lifecycle_type: launch calls. Number 126
lifecycle_totalwakecount a.Launches Total number of launches + wakes since install (only reset if app deleted) Number "563"
lifecycle_type a.LaunchEvent if lifecycle_type == "launch" Type of lifecycle call String "launch", "wake", "sleep"
device (obj-c/android) or model_name (swift) a.DeviceName Device model String iPhone 7 Plus
carrier (obj-c/android) or network_name (swift) a.CarrierName Network carrier name String Verizon
device_resolution a.Resolution Screen Resolution String 1080x1920
resolution Screen Resolution String 1080x1920
app_id a.AppID App ID String Digital Velocity 1.0
device_os_version (obj-c/android) or os_version (swift) a.OSVersion Operating system version String 11.1

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