Enable Visitor IP Attribute in server-side products is a setting that must be enabled by a Tealium employee and is not enabled by default.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further assistance. 

By default, Tealium does not collect nor store the Visitor IP Attribute once it is enabled. Should you choose to collect and store the Visitor IP Attribute in a Tealium DataAccess product or other endpoint, it is important to note you assume all responsibility for ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding the collection and storage of IP addresses by Tealium.

If you would like to see some sample language to facilitate transparency and consent in your privacy policy, please visit Tealium Learning Community.

About the IP Address:

  • If present, Tealium sources the IP address from 'X-forwarded-for'
  • If not present, the secondary source is 'Forwarded'.
  • If several IPs are present, only the first is collected.

For additional information, see: List of HTTP Header Fields