These are popular Badges that have proven useful to other clients.


Browse Abandoner

  • Rule – A visitor who has viewed a product and did not add an item to the cart.
  • ActionIf a Known Visitor and Facebook ID is known, send data to Facebook to retarget the brand to the visitor.


Business/Family Traveler

  • Rule – Assign when the visitor marks their travel type.


Cart Abandoner

  • Rule – A visitor who has added an item to the cart and did not purchase.
  • Action – If email address is known, send a personalized email with the abandoned items.


Coupon Code Abuser

  • Rule – A visitor attempts to use more than a certain number of coupon or promotion codes in a single visit.


Coupon Code Stuffer

  • Rule – A visitor has successfully used more than a certain number of coupon or promotion codes across all visits.


Disappointed Shopper

  • Rule – Assign when a visitor views a product that is currently out of stock.


Free Trial User

  • Rule – Assign when a visitor has signed up for a Free Trial.


Frequent Traveler

  • Rule – Assign when the visitor has traveled more than a certain number of times over a given time period, for example: Visitor has traveled 5 times in the last 12 weeks.


Known Visitor

  • Rule – Assigned when we capture an important identifier of the visitor, for example: Customer ID (client's ID), Customer Email, Facebook ID. These visitors commonly targeted via email or social media
  • Action – None, but used in an Audience to ensure the visitor is targetable with a selected vendor API.


Loyal Visitor

  • Rule – Assign when a visitor has a certain number of direct visits to the site.


New Visitor

  • Rule – Assign when "Lifetime visit count" equals 1.



  • Rule – A visitor who has converted, for example: purchased a product or signed up for a service.
  • Action – Email in 2 weeks with an offer enticing to make another purchase or an email showing related items for purchase, for example if the visitor bought a baseball bat offer a baseball bag and batting gloves.
  • Action – Remove visitor from retargeting campaign so they are not remarketed unnecessarily.


Recent VIP Visitor

  • Rule – Assign when their rolling 90-day purchase value is over a certain dollar amount.


Sale Searcher

  • Rule – Assigned when a visitor views more than a certain number of sale pages, no matter whether is the sales category or a product on sale.


Search Abandoner

  • Rule – A visitor who has landed on the site from a search engine and has not shown completed a common action, such as viewing at least 3 pages in the visit.
  • Action – Determine the category searched and retarget with a Display Ad vendor.


Site Researcher

  • Rule – Assign when a visitor has more than a certain number of visits to the site and the average visit duration is over a specific number of minutes.


Test User

  • Rule – Assigned when "test" is in the URL, or debug cookie is set, or some other criteria that indicates a test visitor.
  • Allows an Audience and Action to be tested in production before a campaign goes live to ensure setup is correct.


Unknown Visitor

  • Rule – Assigned when the visitor has yet to authenticate on the website. Authenticate does not necessarily mean they have logged in, if a visitor comes to the site from an email and the email is in the URL then we've determined who the visitor is and they have "authenticated",
  • Action – Display a modal to the visitor encouraging them to identify themselves. These visitors are more commonly targeted via Display Ad.


VIP Visitor

  • Rule – Assign when lifetime purchase value has increased to a certain dollar amount.


Window Shopper

  • Rule – A visitor who visits the site often but does not purchase, for example: a visitor who has been to the site 3 times in the last 7 days, has viewed a product details page or read an article, and has not purchased or signed up for a service.
  • Action – Determine their affinity to a category and change the landing page of the next session to personalize the experience.