The Visitor Profile Sampler provides a real-time overview of visitor profile data within AudienceStream. The active visitors in your account are sampled to display a summary of the devices, badges, and audiences that reflect their behavior. You can review this data to ensure that your AudienceStream configuration is working as expected.

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How It Works

The Visitor Profile Sampler allows you to see an overview of the device, badge, and audience activity from your visitors. You can then select a specific badge or audience to view the raw visitor profile data from a sampling of the visitors that match that item.

Here's how it works:

  • As you enter the screen, the system begins sampling the active visitors in AudienceStream.
  • As visitor profiles are sampled, the Summary screen populates the following categories of data about those visitors:
    • Visitor Stitching Distribution
      Displays the total number of visitor profiles sampled and how many of your visitors have been stitched using a known Visitor ID attribute.
      Visitor Profile Sampler_Visitor Stitching Distribution.jpg
    • Active Platforms, Active Browsers, Active Visits, Average Visit Duration, and Events per Visit
      Displays the percentage of visitors using detected platforms and browsers, active visits, the average duration of a visit, and the number of events per visit.
      Visitor Profile Sampler_Active Platforms Browsers Visits Visit Duration Events per Visit.jpg
    • Badges
      A ranked list of the number and percentage of visitors that have obtained each badge.
      Visitor Profile Sampler_Badges View.jpg
    • Audiences
      A ranked list of the number and percentage of visitors that are in an audience.
      Visitor Profile Sampler_Audiences View.jpg
    • In the Badges/Audiences area, click any item to view a sample data set of those visitor profiles in a summary view or a raw JSON view.
    • WhiteUI_UDH_Visitor Profile Sampler_View Data Set or Raw JSON.png

Using the Visitor Profile Sampler 

To use the sampler, use the sidebar to navigate to Server-Side Tools > Visitor Profile Sampler. Once the screen loads, the number of sampled visitor profiles will gradually increase over time. The summary numbers update automatically to reflect the sampled data.

Viewing Detailed Visitor Data

  1. Click a badge with active visitors.
    A detailed view slides out out on the right with the Summary tab as the default view.
  2. Click the right (>) or left (<) arrow to scroll forward or backward through the sample data.
  3. To view the raw profile data in JSON format, click the Visitor Profile JSON tab.
    The JSON contents display.
  4. Click the (X) in the upper right of the window to close this view.