Now that you have a basic understanding of how the product works, what data is required, and what to expect in terms of increased performance, you are ready to move on. Each of the articles referenced below are found in the Tealium Learning Center (TLC). These topics contain additional details about setting up and configuring various components of the system, page performance, and best practices.

More Tealium iQ Tag Management Documentation

Now that you know the basics about how to add tags, configure load rules and extensions, and verify your installation, it's time for more advanced topics:

More Getting Started Guides

Helpful Resources

To get help, learn about new features, or view and share best practices, visit the following resources:

  • Tealium Learning Center (TLC)
    A collaborative environment with participation from Tealium customers and product experts, monitored by Tealium staff and also home to our product documentation.
  • Tealium Education
    The official site for on-site and on-demand learning, including various levels of certification.
  • Tealium Support Desk
    The official site to submit tickets to the Tealium technical support team.