All About TLC Ranks and Badges

Employee Emeritus

We love to recognize community members who display their Tealium product prowess! As your participation within TLC increases, so does your rank. Go from a Rookie Contributor to a seasoned Gold Contributor by joining discussions and showcasing your expertise. 

About the Rank Structure

Ranks reflect a user's status within the community. New community members start as Rookie Contributors. As you engage with members through posts, kudos, replies, and accepted solutions, you will improve your rank up to Bronze, Silver and Gold. The ultimate rank is Tealium Expert, which grants you access to the exclusive Tealium Experts Hub. Learn more below:


Rookie Contributor

This rank lets other community members know you’ve arrived. Seize opportunities to network and increase your rank by engaging with other Tealium product users.


Bronze Contributor

Join discussions aligned with your interests and product knowledge, and step up to this rank. You’ll leverage the powerful insights of other Tealium users to get your questions answered, and contribute to discussions as well.


Silver Contributor

As you visit and interact in the TLC more, you will stand out as a recognized community member at this rank. We encourage members to leverage this rank’s prestige, as fellow users see your participation and stellar feedback for their product questions.


Gold Contributor

At this rank, other community members are used to seeing your username and avatar all over the discussion forums and leaderboards. Continue on this path of consistent contributions, and you’ll soon reap the rewards of becoming an Expert!


Tealium Expert

Experts receive a free sandbox account in the product, early access to new features, and entry to an exclusive forum for Experts only. The Tealium team continues to add to the perks our Experts receive and are excited to have even more members achieve this rank.

About Badges

In addition to ranks, TLC awards a variety of badges. You might have received a notification from the community saying you’ve earned a new badge, but you may not know how you received it. The following is list of current community badges and how you can earn them:

Kudos Badges

Kudos are a way for users to give approval to content that they think is helpful, well formed, insightful, or otherwise generally valuable. When users kudo a post, they are offering a thumbs up for good content and also giving a pat on the back to its author.

  • Kudos Star: Received for 1 Kudo awarded to you
  • Kudos All-Star: Received for 10 Kudos awarded to you
  • Kudos MVP: Received for 25 Kudos awarded to you 

badge_star_kudos.png     badge_all-star_kudos.png     badge_mvp_kudos.png.    

Idea Badges

We want to hear your ideas for improving the Tealium platform. Submit a new idea to suggest a product enhancement or new feature. Learn more about submitting a great product idea.

  • Idea Star: Received for 1 product idea thread
  • Idea All-Star: Received for 10 product idea threads
  • Idea MVP: Received for 25 product idea threads

badge_star_ideas.png.    badge_all-star_ideas.png.    badge_mvp_ideas.png

Solution Badges

Community members who post the first message in a thread can mark one of the replies as an accepted solution. After a solution is accepted, the original message is marked as solved, and the reply is marked as an accepted solution.

  • Solution Star: Has 1 answer marked as a solution
  • Solution All-Star: Has 10 answers marked as a solution
  • Solution MVP: Has 25 answers marked as a solution

badge_star_solutions.png.    badge_all-star_solutions.png. .  badge_mvp_solutions.png   

Blogger Badges

TLC wants to hear about your Tealium experience! The blogger badges are awarded to members who become published community bloggers! Learn more about becoming a blogger.

  • Star Blogger: Posted 1 blog
  • All-Star Blogger: Posted 10 blogs
  • MVP Blogger: Posted 25 blogs

badge_star_blogger.png.    badge_all-star_blogger.png.    badge_mvp_blogger.png.  

About Specialty Badges

Specialty badges are awarded for actions that go above and beyond those listed above! The Tealium Learning Center wants to make sure Experts, product certified users, and more are recognized here in the community. We continue to add to our Specialty Badges, so stay tuned, or submit your badge idea in the comments of this post. Learn more:


Expert Badge

The Tealium Experts badge is our most coveted! This badge is automatically awarded to Experts once they are added to the group. Keep up your community engagement, and you might be the next to be nominated! Learn more about becoming a Tealium Expert.


iQ Certified

The Tealium Education team has a robust course list of on-demand trainings. Pass all three levels of the Tealium iQ exams to become certified. To get more details on the process, visit the certification page.


AudienceStream Certified

The Tealium Education team also offers certification for AudienceStream, EventStream, and DataAccess. Pass two exams and one practical exam to become certified. To get more details on the process, visit the certification page.


Digital Velocity Presenter

Only the brave few who present on the DV stage will attain this badge! If speaking at one of our conferences sounds like something you'd like to do, we'd love to consider you. Learn more about presenting for Digital Velocity.


Digital Velocity Attendee

Connect with the professionals you've met at one of our conferences by looking for this badge. Every TLC member has the opportunity to earn a new one with each calendar year, helping you stay in touch with other members.


Support Challenge Winner

We've rolled out our first ever TLC Support Challenge, encouraging users to help fellow community members get answers to their questions. This badge is one-of-a-kind and will be won by one lucky (and ambitious!) Tealium customer. Learn more about the Support Challenge and how we will honor the winner.


Profile MVP

Earn this badge once your TLC profile is complete. Help fellow community members get to know you by adding a profile picture, signature, and bio. Learn more about updating your profile.

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