Community Netiquette

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The Tealium Learning Center (TLC) is geared towards helping you get the most out of your Tealium products. The community is comprised of all levels of users: from first-timers to experts, and even Tealium employees. We encourage you to explore conversations and ideas, sharing information and best practices for the benefit of the entire community.

In order to make the TLC a place where all members feel comfortable asking and answering questions, we have some tips to share, or what we like to call Community Netiquette.

Welcome everyone.

We want all members to feel comfortable asking or replying to questions, regardless of skill level.

  • Take a moment to introduce yourself.
  • Quickly get up to speed with TLC Tips.
  • Take your time and write thoughtful replies.
  • Show respect and kindness when posting.

Inspire Collaboration.

We encourage you to contribute constructive, on-topic opinions and solutions.

  • Don’t forget to search first.
  • Showcase current, helpful information in replies.
  • Avoid shouting: using all caps can convey a negative tone.
  • Step away from discussions that aren’t constructive.

Make it easy for other members to help you.

The best way to get help is to post questions that are clear and include details that will help others understand your situation.

  • Use a descriptive and succinct title for your post.
  • Post questions in the proper place.
  • Mark a helpful answer as an accepted solution.
  • Thank members who point you in the right direction.

TLC administrators handle lapses in Netiquette on a case-by-case basis to ensure the community is a safe and constructive destination for all members.

Questions or feedback? Leave a comment here or send a note to We’re happy to chat with you!

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