Installing Recipe Tracking Pixels

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Hi All,


Need an solution for Installing Recipe Tracking for my site.

Below is recipe tracking tag for Pillsbury’s media campaign. This pixel should only track Visits to any "dessert" recipes.

Whenever I load my recipe page for Desserts , I see MetaDataLabel as "Course" and MetaDataValue as "Desserts" being fired.

How can we use these values to track the Desserts recipe page and assign them the pixel tags below:

Pleas help. Thank you.


<!-- Use of this pixel is subject to the Amazon ad specs and policies at --><script type='text/javascript'>var _pix = document.getElementById('_pix_id');if (!_pix) { var protocol = '//'; var a = Math.random() * 1000000000000000000; _pix = document.createElement('img'); _pix.setAttribute('src', protocol + ' + '&cb=' + a); _pix.setAttribute('id','_pix_id'); document.body.appendChild(_pix);}</script><noscript> <img height='1' width='1' border='0' alt='' src=' /></noscript> 


Installing Recipe Tracking Pixels

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The easiest way would be to add this as a custom container tag, contact, or speak to your account manager if you need any assistance.  


After that, we can then look at getting it added to the tag library, if it's a common tag. 


Many thanks

Steve Lake



edit:  Brian's reply, below, is likely to be quicker to get running. 

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Installing Recipe Tracking Pixels

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If you look in detail at this script code, all it is really doing is creating an image pixel request that looks like this:


It can be hard to read when encoded, so here is the same URL decoded with each outbound querystring parameter on a new line


*I don't know all of the details for this tag, so use some of the items below like the load rule and the extension as examples to build off of, not as a complete solution.


Now we just need to setup a Generic Tag with the amazon adsystem URL



Add a load rule to only have the tag fire on Receipe pages



Next we need to setup the data mappings:




For this example I am only going to use one Set Data Value Extension.  However you could have many and each could have their own conditions to meet your requirments.






Installing Recipe Tracking Pixels

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I have to implement a similar tag which has the javascript part and image pixel part

The above solution works for the <no script> part to send an image pixel. What about the javascript tag? Do we need to add 2 generic tags-  1 for js and other for image pixel?