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There is an extension we use to set SiteCatalyst Custom events (called “Setting custom events”) in our “web” profile. This extension sets various events with a simple u.addEvent and the event number from SC.

Example for event10:
if (utag.data["page_views_per_visit"] && utag.data["page_views_per_visit"] == 2) {

How do I do that for Universal Analytics? For the above example the GUA metric I want to set is “transaction-metric1”.

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Universal Analytics Custom metrics

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There is probably more than one way to accomplish this, but here is one that will work.

1) Create a data source called gua_transaction_metric1.
2) In the Google Tag, map gua_transaction_metric1 to Event Type: transaction, Metric: metric1.
3) Create a Set Data Value Extension, Scope it to your Google Tag, Set gua_transaction_metric1 to any dynamic variable
with the condition: page_views_per_visit is defined and page_views_per_visit equals 2

Now by default gua_transaction_metric1 will not exist and so it will not map to your Google Tag. However if page_views_per_visit equals 2 then gua_transaction_metric1 will have the value you supply and will map to as well as pass along to your google tag.

Last the concept of a transaction metric in the Tealium template for Google Universal Analytics just means that this metric is only sent on pages where order_id has a value.

So in your specific case, order_id would need to have a value and page_views_per_visit would need to equal 2 for this to pass along to Google.


Let us know how this works for you.

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